- About me -

I am a Chinese-American Queer, by Ancestors’ way of Guangdong Province, China, please pronoun me at your pleasure. My family settled on Muwekma Ohlone territory (San Francisco) 3.5 generations ago, where I was born. Some guiding pillars include liberation psychology, narrative psychology, trauma-informed therapy, somatic psychology, spirituality, expressive arts, and more. Tools held in support of self-resourcing, clarity, and ancestral connectivity include meditation, EFT Tapping, athletic coaching, EMDR-inspired Brainspotting, and ongoing training under Resmaa Menakem, LCSW, and MDMA training with MAPS.

I human in support of connectivity, equity, and accountability. I hold masters-level education and more than 15 years combined service in holistic counseling, meditation, facilitation, and sport training. My experience traverses diverse backgrounds, populations, and geographies.

My first name is pronounced like the holiday. The spelling contains "isthmus", or "a narrow strip of land that joins two larger pieces of land", and conveys my interests in relationship, the power of words, and the winter solstice. My last name furthers holiday vibes, word play, and offers a frame to relate to self, others, light, darkness, and more.

I enjoy the outdoors, creative expression, the power of community, and being in water.

Thank you for your interest and curiosity,